Ericsson and Telia collaborate over industrial 5G


Written by Scott Bicheno

Future Technology Display Design. 5g Internet Connection Speed Sign Over Futuristic Low Poly Mesh Wireframe On white Background

Swedish telecoms players Ericsson and Telia have launched a new initiative designed to encourage industrial companies to do clever things with 5G technology.

They’re calling it NorthStar, describing it as “a 5G innovation program for industrial enterprises, for the development and implementation of new digital solutions.” The self-interest is clear – if industrial enterprises do more with 5G then they’ll need to buy more products and services from Ericsson and Telia – but that’s fine. Nonetheless the release is keen to stress it’s all about strengthening Sweden’s international competitiveness.

“The NorthStar program marks another milestone in our partnership with Telia toward the digitalization of Sweden and the Nordics with the latest mobile technology,” said Ericsson CTO Erik Ekudden. “Telia and Ericsson launched Europe’s first 1G network and the world’s first 4G network. With NorthStar, we are giving Swedish industry access to the most advanced 5G technology for local sites and for their wide-area connectivity and digitalization needs. NorthStar’s ambition is to be the catalyst to further develop Sweden as a leading industrial nation and to increase our international competitiveness.”

“Sweden is an industrial powerhouse with iconic brands that reach around the globe,” said Anders Olsson, CEO of Telia Sweden. “Scaling digital solutions and turning new technologies into tangible business benefits is critical if these companies, and Sweden as a nation, are to remain competitive. Without access to robust and secure digital infrastructure, businesses risk falling behind. Through the NorthStar program, we welcome industrial players to collaborate and trial their solutions using the latest 5G technology, which will help accelerate the development of smart and sustainable transport solutions.”

Way to labour the point, lads. NorthStar will initially focus on the transport sector, with its first customer being AstaZero, which is a test environment for future road safety. “For AstaZero, the combination of one open and one closed network makes it possible to step up both research and development testing,” said Peter Janevik, CEO of AstaZero.

For example, a self-driving truck can undergo research tests in the closed network in our FLX Zone, simulating operations in a harbor or logistics center. After leaving the FLX Zone, the truck would transition to the public network, just as it would when leaving the closed area. However, still in the safe confines of the AstaZero Proving Ground. This is one more example of how AstaZero increases digitally driven research and development possibilities.”