Telecom Obsolescence Impact


As manufacturers launch next-gen telecom devices, they focus on rapid market penetration and sales growth. This results in discontinued production of previous generations, causing a decline in product and spare part availability for the now "obsolete" equipment.

Network operators are left with two choices

One is to immediately swap -out their entire networks and replace their equipment with the most current generation available.


Some networks will choose this option right away, as the equipment in their networks has either run its full lifecycle or the financial terms of the swap-out offer from the manufacturer are very appealing.

Another is to plan a swap-out process at a future date or implement it in stages, which leaves the network operators with potential downtime due to the increasing scarcity of spare parts as time elapses.


Sometimes this can be mitigated by utilizing or otherwise cannibalizing existing decommissioned inventory of the network operator to support the “live” inventory, telecom network. But this source might be limited.

Solutions for Obsolescence

by providing an intense worldwide sourcing mechanism that locates the needed hardware and maintenance support when the manufacturer has ceased production. We literally scour the globe on behalf of network operators to help them find parts that might otherwise be overlooked.


In each deal, we implement our rigid in-house reconditioning engine which includes complete product re-engineering, testing, and configuration, warranty and technical support and complete logistics solutions.

Digital Solutions & Circular Services

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Improve business processes with efficient spare parts sourcing and digital technologies

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